Christmas in July – Why Now is the Perfect Time for Holiday Prep By Businesses

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Given that so many areas around the US are hitting their highest temperatures of the year, it’s easy to forget that the holiday season is less than six months away. While that may still seem like a very long time, taking some time off during the summer combined with the rush when fall arrives means Q4 will here much sooner than it probably seems now.

Because Q4 is such a vital time of the year for just about any business that sells products, it’s worth putting in as much preparation as possible. If you agree with that position but aren’t exactly sure how to take productive action towards getting ready for the holiday rush, we want to provide some tips that you can start utilizing:

  1. Think Omnichannel

Most businesses aren’t going to benefit from choosing between online or offline. Instead, what’s going to drive the most revenue for your business is taking time to optimize both of these channels. Creating a seamless experience will allow customers to connect with you exactly how they want.

  1. Find Your Competitive Edge

Finding ways to distinguish your business from competitors will ensure you don’t get sucked into unpleasant situations like price wars. Taking time to think about what makes your business different and then finding ways to communicate that will pay off significantly during the holidays.

  1. Get Creative with Content

One reason so much content is being produced is consumers’ appetite for it continues to increase. Great content will allow you to really connect with potential and existing customers. Just keep in mind that the bar for content keeps getting raised, which is why it’s important to think outside the box with your efforts.

  1. Try Something New

Your business likely has a few go-to tactics that consistently produce solid results during the holidays. While you don’t want to abandon anything that continues to work well, you also want to avoid getting stuck with only those options. You can ensure that your business continues to evolve and grow by using the next few months to try out one or more new marketing ideas.

  1. Measure and Refine

It’s now easier than ever to measure just about any type of marketing initiative. So instead of having to blindly try something new, you can easily measure how well it does. This will allow you to double-down on anything that works well, as well as avoid wasting time on a strategy that’s simply not working out.

We hope you’re able to promptly put several of these tips into action as you begin prepping your business for the holidays. And if you’ve had any issues in recent months with your processing company, now is the perfect time to find a new payment processor that will properly support your business during even the busiest times of the year.

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018