Checkout: Point of Sale Application on the Rise with Apple Users

Checkout, a point of sale application for Apple products has been edging its way into businesses due to its simple yet fluid interface. CCPnet wanted to learn more about what the service offered and what was in store for their future and Scott Davisson, managing partner with parent company Acclivity, fielded a few questions for us.

CCPnet: How and when was Checkout conceived, and by whom?

Davisson: Checkout was the by-product of a Joint Venture between Acclivity and Made By Sofa (Amsterdam) in 2007. Since then, Facebook purchased Made By Sofa and Checkout is developed solely by Acclivity NYC.

CCPnet: What is the most common Apple device used to conduct transactions with Checkout? (iPad, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc)

Davisson: iMacs are most common, but MacBooks are a close second.  We don’t yet have an iPad app (working on it though!).

CCPnet: With the new integration of Enstore, can merchants that sell both in-store and online synchronize their inventory so that once something has been purchased in-store, it’s immediately removed from the online store?

Davisson: It’s not real-time (working on that too). Since one is desktop (CO) and one is online (ES) there isn’t a real-time connection.

CCPnet: Is Checkout its own credit card processor, or do they partner with an external processor?

Davisson: We have a bit of a closed system. We only support ACH Direct (our long-time partner), through which we offer very competitive rates.

CCPnet: The site mentions the ability to create customizable templates in the near future, will users be able to share them with other Checkout users?

Davisson: They can create custom templates now. Not yet able to share them, although that’s a great idea we’ve toyed with.

CCPnet: If the store owner does not host Enstore, how is your system incorporated into their website? (Linked externally, embedded, etc.)

Davisson: Currently, customers are not able to integrate with any other webstores, only Enstore.

CCPnet: What’s in the near future for Checkout?

Davisson: We have a major update coming out this month and are also hard at work on our next upgrade. Top secret on what that includes though  :)


Posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2012