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Chase Paymentech is a global credit card processing company catering to business of all sizes. A well-known and trusted service provider in the credit card industry, Chase developed its Paymentech services in 1985 and promotes its advocacy of merchants. The company is based in Dallas, TX.

Chase Paymentech Security Features & Account Services

Chase Paymentech offers account services for merchants in e-commerce, digital content, government operations, petroleum services, restaurant, retail, service providers, and travel/lodging industries. Chase offers domestic and international credit card processing services for merchants, specializing in CNP (card not present) payments. Wireless technologies are also available.

The company also offers fraud protection with a comprehensive suite of data encryption technologies to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect confidential information. Fraud management tools are integrated into the processing technologies to make it easy for merchants to track information in real-time. They also utilize Safetech Encryption which encrypts data as it is entered at the Point of Sale unlike many competitors technologies.
Accepted Forms of Payment and Other Services

Chase Paymentech offers services and technology to process multiple types of payments including major credit cards, debit cards, chip cards, gift cards, mobile payments, e-checks, international payments, Paypal payments, Bill-Me-Later services, and e-commerce transactions.
Bottom Line

Chase Paymentech offers a wide range of equipment and technologies for merchants small and large. Their website provides informative answers to common questions which is helpful to new merchants starting out and existing businesses looking to expand. The company’s website proclaims they process more than 900 transactions per second.

Already a well-known name in the credit card industry, Chase appears to have put together a credit card processing services company which offers everything a new or existing merchant needs to process payments. Ecommerce and wireless merchants have a number of options through Chase Paymentech for accepting payments online, even on a global level. The company also highlights its dedication to securing data and protecting companies from fraud.

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