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Available for FREE Quote has offered credit card processing and merchant account services for over twenty years. The company advertises a low cost guarantee and rates and low competitive rates. Approved merchants can use with no setup fees, as well as free software and equipment.

Customizable Solutions for a Variety of Merchants is passionate about helping businesses capture sales and increase revenue. It wants to ensure that merchants never lose another sale as a result of not taking credit cards. has account specialists who will help merchants choose the specific solutions that are the right fit for its business needs. does not charge a bank application fee. It also provides free software to its merchants, as well as affordable prices for processing services. also has a reputation for approving businesses that other processing companies may pass over. Examples include mail order, service, professional and even high-risk businesses. In fact, is generally willing to work with business owners who have bad credit.

With the multiple payment gateway options offered by, users can easily integrate this solution into their existing website and shopping cart. New merchants can use their existing bank account, and funds from sales are generally deposited within 48-72 hours.


In addition to its online processing software, offers equipment for merchants who want to process transactions in person. For merchants with a single retail location, the electronic keypad terminal makes it easy to swipe customers’ credit cards. The terminal’s receipt printer doesn’t require ink since it’s thermal, and merchants who process at least 70% of their sales through the terminal are eligible for a lower discount rate from also offers the equipment that’s needed for wireless and mobile credit card processing. This mobile credit card processing system is compatible with all cellphones, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. It also works with iPads and other tablets. Merchants who use this form of processing should have complete confidence and peace of mind thanks to instant credit card approval notifications.

Customer Service

A big part of why has not only been around for more than twenty years but has continued to grow during that time is because the company understands the importance of taking care of every one of its customers. Whether a potential customer has a question about’s rates or a current customer encounters a problem with their online gateway, help is only a phone call or email away. provides live phone and email support 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

The Good: offers very appealing rates to qualified merchants. is open to working with high risk merchants and those with bad credit.

The Bad: Not the best solution for international business

The Ugly: None

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  • High Risk Accounts
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