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CCBill offers a variety of plans to meet specific merchant needs. For nonprofits and merchants located within the U.S., U.K., Canada, and EU, rates are only 3.9 percent plus $0.55. There is no setup fee or monthly charge for these accounts and this pricing is available only for new accounts. For existing merchants, the pricing can be applied to any new subaccounts. Special pricing is also available for merchants that deal with high-risk transactions. This includes businesses in areas like dating sites and sites where adult content is present. Because these accounts include high-risk management when needed, the rates are higher than the rates associated with other CCBill merchant accounts. Rates start at 5.9 percent plus $0.55 for these accounts.


CCBill specializes in ecommerce, taking on businesses in a variety of industries, located around the globe. While the company’s pricing isn’t as low as some competitors for basic plans, the company offers protection to businesses that take on high-risk payments like dating sites and sites with adult content. These charges are prone to chargebacks, leading some credit card companies to decline to provide processing for them.

For merchants that regularly accept payments in varying currencies, CCBill can make the process easier. Cards like GiroPay, Diners Club International, and Maestro can be accepted through CCBill, extending a site’s reach to help businesses earn as much revenue as possible. Furthermore, merchants can also offer forms that detect a visitor’s IP address and provide information in that visitor’s native language and currency type.

In addition to a wide variety of global credit card types, CCBill also facilitates e-check and telephone payments. With an integrated traffic manager, merchants can arrange payment methods in their order of preference, as well as how CCBill should handle any declined or challenged buyers, and when external payment options from other processors should be incorporated.

With the provided administrative dashboard, businesses can control each phase of the process, from setting out how traffic flows to tracking each step of every transaction. Merchants have the ability to generate detailed reports on everything from processing volume to transactions particular to one customer. Businesses can also use CCBill to process online invoicing and monthly subscription plans.


CCBill specializes in online transactions, handling ecommerce transactions for companies all over the globe. The company does not provide equipment, but services can be accessed from any internet-connected device. This means businesses can get started using CCBill using the technology they already have in place.


Merchants’ customers have access to 24/7 support, 365 days a year. When a customer encounters a payment issue, he can call, email, or place a ticket online to get help from a friendly, knowledgeable support representative. This gives merchants the peace of mind knowing customers will be in good hands. Additionally, customers can access the Customer Knowledge Base, which has a selection of articles that can help.


Enables ecommerce retailers in a variety of industries to accept payments from customers around the world


This solution is for online retail only. No mobile or in-store payments are incorporated


Pricing could be a bit steep for some


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