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More than 115,000 business owners rely on the credit card processing services of Cayan. Cayan, formerly known as Merchant Warehouse, was founded in 1998 with the basic premise that a business should have access to credit card machines and merchant accounts at affordable prices. From intuitive and reliable credit card processing to integrated customer engagement solutions, Cayan is continually developing new ways for businesses to unlock the power of payments. Cayan has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Cayan has the small to mid-size business owner in mind. Not only do they work out customized solutions for each business, but they do not charge companies to start their credit card processing services, do not lock a company into a contract or charge cancellation fees if business owners decide to change processors or go out of business. If you should find a company offering the same services at a lower cost, Cayan will pay you $100.

Credit Card Processing Options

With Cayan, you can choose credit card processing equipment for swiping credit cards in the checkout line; wireless credit card terminals, PIN pads, receipt printers, and credit card software.

Cayan works with eCommerce businesses who operate 100% online as well as retailers with a physical location. They offer services to customers who need to accept card-not-present type transactions, such as the case with mail order or phone order. Their pricing and services are customized based on your specific business, and all technical support and customer service is provided in-house. (You will not be routed to an off-shore call center if you call for assistance!)

For traveling business people, you can turn your cell phone into a credit card processing unit, or use web-based credit card processing software on a laptop to accept credit cards from your customers.

If you’re ready to advance to contact-less payment readers, the future of credit card processing, Cayan has the equipment to make that possible, too.

Cayan offers credit card machines and equipment from a variety of the most popular brands in the industry - including Verifone, DataCard and First Data, among others.

What Cayan is About

  1. Product Excellence: Cayan develops simple and secure credit card processing systems that earn the trust of business partners through reliable performance and fair pricing.
  2. Powerful Tools: Proprietary Cayan tools equip businesses to seamlessly add new payment processing features that help them capture new sources of revenue.
  3. Payment Innovation: Cayan technologies enable businesses to use payment information to engage with their customers in ways that are more compelling, meaningful and profitable.
  4. Integration Vision: Cayan develops forward-thinking technologies that can be integrated into existing and new systems to deliver holistic customer experiences.

Cayan Cash Advances

Another benefit offered to customers of Cayan is the ability to get a cash advance on your credit card processing volume. If you need some additional cash flow to your business, you can request an advance. If approved, the cash is credited to your account and paid back through a percentage of your customer credit card transactions. It's an easier and faster approval process than going to the bank for a traditional loan, and does not require any personal collateral for approval.

The Good: $100 lowest total cost guarantee doesn’t charge to start processing credit cards

The Bad: Doesn’t mention industry-specific solutions

The Ugly: Doesn’t publish transaction rates

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