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An increasing number of businesses require on-the-go credit card processing services.  Any business that provides services on-location would greatly benefit from a mobile credit card processing option. Typical industries using mobile credit card processing include: plumbers home improvement contractors electricians dog fence installers landscapers door to door sales home party / direct sales flea market […]

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Dangers Of Mobile Credit Card Processing

When it comes to the processing of credit card payments, a lot has changed over the years.  We are a long way from the era of carbon copies and impressions, however not all of the advances have come without drawbacks.  As more and more consumers use credit and debit cards to pay for everyday purchases, […]

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Mobile Credit Card Processing For Your Business Needs

Update: Cell phone credit card processing is now provided by: Square Paypal Here NewtPay Mobile PayAnywhere Original Article: Are you considering mobile credit card processing for your business? Are you unsure of how mobile processing works? Are you confused about what mobile credit card options may be available to you? Mobile card processing is the […]

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NEWS: Credit Card Swiper Available Today for iPad

On-the-go merchants can now utilize their iPad as a method for accepting purchase payments from customers. The maker of the new Credit Card Terminal, Inner Fence, is making the card reader available for free to those who have new Credit Card Terminal accounts. The company has found there is quite a demand for iPad devices […]

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Payment Processing Without the Swipe: With Square

Square is a tiny credit card processor that makes it possible for small businesses to swipe their customer cards and use their smartphone for payment processing.  The product launched in 2010, and over half a million small businesses have signed up to use Square to process credit cards, but the majority of consumers are not […]

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How to Accept Credit Cards at Vendor Fairs and Flea Markets

If you regularly open booths at vendor fairs and flea markets, you may not have considered the idea of setting up a way to accept credit cards from customers.  Many people will spend more money when they can swipe a card rather than get cash out of their pockets.  If you make it possible for […]

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