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5 Tips to Improve Ecommerce Conversions

Although selling online doesn’t make sense for every single business, a large percentage of both B2B and B2C companies are invested in ecommerce. When a business has a website that supports ecommerce sales, it allows them to reach a larger pool of potential customers. It also provides a great experience for consumers who want to […]

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Why Global Consumers Choose Digital Payments

Businesses are no longer limited by geographic boundaries, with customers across the world able to purchase products and services. Thanks to the internet, a consumer can purchase items from a store located on the other side of the world and have it shipped directly to his front door. But paying for the items can be […]

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Best Mobile Credit Card Processors

Mobile processing is growing in popularity, opening up businesses of all sizes and types to accept payments. Using just a mobile device and a card reader, merchants can accept credit cards anywhere, including at conferences and trade shows. This feature has made this type of payment processing popular even for bricks-and-mortar locations that already have […]

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What is Virtual Terminal Payment Processing?

At one time, cashiering was straightforward, with a button-based cash register stationed at a specific place in an establishment. Thanks to mobile technology, however, retailers now have the ability to move equipment around, accepting payments from the sales floor or at trade show booths. Virtual terminal payment processing is serving as a popular compromise between […]

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Apple iWatch to Include Payment-Enabled Technology?

Apple’s much anticipated fall announcement is set for next week, and rumors have put wearable tech at the forefront of what the company will premiere. If valid, the presumed iWatch will be an inaugural leap for Apple as it begins hedging a spot within a growing industry of accessorized technology. Insiders list a payment component […]

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How to Make Your Customers More Comfortable with Mobile Payments

Technology has enabled anyone to swipe credit cards using a reader attached to a mobile device. From beauty salons to garage sales, these readers are beginning to appear everywhere. Yet some customers are still reluctant to hand over a card for swiping through a smartphone or tablet, stating that they aren’t sure the card reader […]

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Hazards of Stolen Credit Cards and How to Protect Your Business

Identity thieves create chaos, clearing out victims’ bank accounts and damaging their credit for years. More than 15 million residents fall prey to identity thieves each year with losses costing consumers and businesses more than $50 billion annually. The person with the stolen identity isn’t the only one who suffers. When a thief pays for […]

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NewtPay Mobile Is Now Available: Cost Effective Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing is becoming increasingly important for businesses owners and especially for those companies that conduct business on the go. With today’s advanced technology, new mobile credit card processing solutions are becoming more readily available. has just introduced a new product that allows companies to accept credit cards on the go. With NewtPay […]

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Cookie Profits Rise for Girl Scouts Using Mobile Processing

Girl Scouts of America in Ohio are participating in a pilot program utilizing mobile processing dongles on smart phones have experienced a 13 percent rise in sales last year, according to a report by the Christian Science Monitor. Not having cash will no longer silence a siren’s call — indulgence in Thin Mints and Samoas […]

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SnapTags: The New Player in Mobile Payment Processing

As QR Codes slowly gain traction in North America, their reach is being threatened by a new sleek and sexy form of image codes known as SnapTags. These new displays allow for companies to create scannable images with their logos prominently featured that facilitate communication between advertisers and consumers, and as of last month, even […]

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