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Lawmakers In 11 States Introduce Legislation To Ban Passing Credit Card Surcharges Onto Consumers

As of January 27th, 2013, Visa and Mastercard are allowing businesses to pass credit card surcharge fees onto customers, breaking a rule both companies have strictly enforced for decades. The change came amidst the $7.25 billion settlement Visa, Mastercard and a slew of major banks agreed to pay out to retailers nationwide. Included in the […]

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Merchants Will Soon Be Able To Pass Surcharges Onto Customers Using Visa Credit Cards

Beginning January 27th, 2013, merchants will be allowed pass surcharges onto customers utilizing a Visa credit card in states that haven’t explicitly made the practice illegal. The change of terms comes in the wake of the $7.25 billion settlement that Visa, Mastercard and a handful of large banks will be paying out to merchants across […]

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Groupon Officially Launches Breadcrumb, a Comprehensive Point-of-Sale Solution

Groupon officially launched its new point-of-sale business, Breadcrumb, this week pulling it out of the beta stage and allowing the public to enroll. Breadcrumb acts as a comprehensive business solution, integrating the ability to make reservations, place an order, email or print receipts, provide data on real time sales, track employees’ shifts and now fulfill […]

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Interview: LevelUp Raises $21 Million for Merchant Processing with Zero Transaction Fees

The mobile payments market is rapidly evolving — small start-ups are taking on the established processing behemoths in a race where winner may take all. Adoption of mobile payments has slowly, yet steadily increased in the United States recently, and with so many companies clamoring to outshine their competition, it is apparent many businesses are […]

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SnapTags: The New Player in Mobile Payment Processing

As QR Codes slowly gain traction in North America, their reach is being threatened by a new sleek and sexy form of image codes known as SnapTags. These new displays allow for companies to create scannable images with their logos prominently featured that facilitate communication between advertisers and consumers, and as of last month, even […]

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Merchants Prepare to Pay More to Accept Debit Cards from Customers

If you accept debit cards as payment from your customers, you typically pay about 8 cents to the card networks of Visa and MasterCard for each $2 item your customer buys.  As of October 1st, Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. are intending to increase that from 8 cents to 23 cents, according to Thomas McCrohan, […]

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The Lifecycle of a Typical Chargeback

Despite all of the advantages and benefits to business owners that come from using a credit card processing company to accept cards as payment from customers, accepting them is not without potential risk.  Customers buy more and more frequently when they can use a card to make their payment, so accepting cards will increase your […]

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Can You Charge Your Customers Credit Card Processing Fees?

Have you ever walked into a store and saw a sign that said something like: “$2 more for credit card transactions under $20”; or “Credit card payments 10% more”?  These signs are against payment processing agreements, and even if you’re tempted to charge more to cover your processing fees – you shouldn’t do it! Avoid […]

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Credit Card Processing – Do You Need ID?

When it comes to the rules and regulations governing credit card processing, it is not uncommon for both merchants and consumers to be in the dark.  For example, many merchants impose restrictions or apply special rules to consumers using credit cards, despite the fact they may be in violation of their merchant agreement.  Consumers often […]

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