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Do Women Use Credit Cards Differently Than Men?

Women account for at least $5 trillion in annual spending across the US. Some estimates peg this figure as high as $15 trillion. Regardless of where the exact figure falls, women currently control over sixty percent of US personal wealth. Another very significant data point that may come as a surprise is that at least […]

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5 Lessons from Target’s Recent Growth and Success

Given all the concerns surrounding physical retail, investors have been on edge with a lot of recent earnings announcements. We’ve already covered the fact that Walmart’s stock took a big hit after they shared their earnings. So, it probably won’t come as a surprise that the stock of one of their closest competitors took a […]

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Move Over Millennials – Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Payments

In recent years, the media has spent a lot of time covering millennials. We’ve actually done the same. You can learn about how millennials are shopping and paying, as well as five of the best millennial marketing tips. Part of why this generation has received so much media attention is because they were coming of […]

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Product Pricing in 2018 – What Works Best?

                              Pricing is a topic every business spends a lot of time thinking about. Whether you view it as an art, science or mix of the two, pricing is one of those things that can leave you scratching your head. Since […]

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Say Goodbye to Signing (Some) Credit Card Receipts

Recently, Mastercard has been experimenting with selfie authentication. Although the idea of Selfie Pay sounded more like a publicity stunt than the future of authenticating credit card payments, a lot of interesting developments have occurred across the technology industry of payment processing over the last 20 months. One of the biggest developments is what Apple announced at […]

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How Does Same-Day Debit Processing Work?

As a business owner, the sooner you get paid for the products or services you provide, the better. Promptly getting paid for what you sell can help solve many of the cash flow issues that plague so many businesses. In the past, getting paid in a timely manner was quite challenging. Fortunately, several changes in […]

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5 Ways Retailers Can Keep Costs Down

Most business owners want to keep their expenses under control. For retail businesses, this issue is especially pressing. Retailers of all sizes struggle with creeping costs, something we covered in What to Expect When Opening a Retail Store. But if you’re an established retailer focused on reducing costs, you might need a little extra guidance. Never fear! We’re […]

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How to Manage Omnichannel Sales

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of buying something online was still very novel and even quite strange to many people. Fast forward to now and the internet has become a huge hub of commerce. On the other hand, some of the biggest online brands have recognized the value of having a strong offline presence, as […]

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P2PE and Threshold: 2 Powerful Tools for Combating Fraud in 2017

Forty six percent of Americans have been a victim of credit card fraud in the last five years. The EMV liability shift has significantly reduced in-person credit card fraud and, luckily, this trend will continue as EMV terminals make their way into additional retail settings across the United States. While EMV is great at securing […]

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Is Amazon Getting Into Payment Processing?

Amazon’s $13.4 billion acquisition of Whole Foods has been dominating the news – just like news of how well Prime Day went this year. Although these would be enough to keep most companies busy, Amazon is far from “most companies.” They launch a ton of new initiatives and aren’t afraid to scrap the ones that fall flat, while doubling down […]

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