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Are Sunglasses the Next Big Thing in Payment Processing?

Wearables aren’t a new idea in the technology or payment processing space. For the last few years, both small and large companies have been working hard to create wearable devices that make tasks like browsing the internet and shopping online as seamless of an experience as possible, taking the form of watches, rings and more. While […]

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Will Visa Buy Square in 2017?

Early in 2016, reports disclosed that Visa owned almost 10 percent of credit card processor Square. These are two major players in the credit industry, so it was huge news, but soon, the story was updated. Turns out, that initial figure was based on an incorrect reading of a filing Visa made with the Securities and Exchange […]

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Alibaba Is Dominating Online Payment Technology. Here’s How.

Ever heard of Alibaba? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Even though it’s a company with a market cap of over $200 billion, many people in the United States aren’t all that familiar with Alibaba. Business owners may know about the company’s main domain, which connects manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and wholesalers. While that site alone […]

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Can Chatbots Be Used for Payment Processing?

Chatbots have been one of the biggest technology trends of 2016. Whether it’s tech giants like Facebook or household retail giants like Sephora taking advantage of this new technology, new developments in this space continue to roll out. Since this is a trend that’s only going to continue to accelerate, we want to outline some of […]

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EMV Terminal Training and 6 Other Holiday Retail Tips

As the holidays continue to get closer and the busiest shopping time of the year heats up, we want to cover some of the best ways for retailers to ensure they have a successful season. Here are seven holiday retail tips to keep in mind: Train Employees on Using EMV Terminals In the short period […]

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What is MasterCard’s Merchant Location Fee?

Recently, MasterCard made a quiet but significant announcement. The announcement is the company will begin charging an annual fee to businesses. Known as a merchant location fee, this isn’t something that’s being implemented by payment providers. Instead, it’s coming directly from MasterCard. Although there will inevitably be processors that mark the fee up when they […]

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Durbin Amendment – How Does It Affect Businesses?

When a customer is in a store and finds something they want to buy, their preferred method of payment may be swiping their debit card. If that’s the case, the business the customer is paying has to pay certain fees. Known as interchange fees, this is a payment that goes to the card-issuing bank for […]

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What You Can Learn from Costco’s Credit Card Mistakes

In June, Costco ended its sixteen year relationship with American Express. The end of this long relationship also marked the start of a new one for the retailer. Costco’s new relationship is with Visa and Citi. A big part of the shift from American Express to Visa involved customers beginning to earn rewards through a […]

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The Current State of MasterCard (and What It Means for Businesses)

Last month, MasterCard did their Q2 2016 earnings call. In the call, the company discussed their strong growth in three different areas. Those areas were volume, cards and transactions. We’re going to look at the details of the company’s recent growth, as well as what exactly that means for other businesses. MasterCard’s Volume, Card and […]

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What’s the Preferred Way to Pay for Different Age Groups?

Most businesses are always trying to learn more about their customers. By understanding who their customers are and what they want, businesses can create the best possible products and experiences. When it comes to the different experiences that customers have, one of the most significant is checking out. Whether it’s in person or online, the […]

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