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Credit card processing for mail/phone orders. Information and advice about processing payments using mail or phone. News about mail/phone credit card processing.

Best CCP Solutions for Mail/Phone Order Merchants

Despite the popularity of online shopping, phone and mail order businesses are still thriving. Infomercials, print ads and catalogs are especially beneficial in generating sales through these two popular methods. While customers have gotten more comfortable providing credit card numbers by phone and mail, businesses still face the challenge of ensuring processing of that information […]

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Is Recurring Billing Right for Your Business?

Recurring billing has become a popular way for consumers to pay bills, benefiting both the merchant and its customers. With recurring billing, a payment method is charged automatically at an interval determined by the business. The customer agrees to have his card or bank account charged on a specific date on a recurring basis. Often […]

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Hazards of Stolen Credit Cards and How to Protect Your Business

Identity thieves create chaos, clearing out victims’ bank accounts and damaging their credit for years. More than 15 million residents fall prey to identity thieves each year with losses costing consumers and businesses more than $50 billion annually. The person with the stolen identity isn’t the only one who suffers. When a thief pays for […]

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