Credit Card Processing Interviews

Interview: Cayan (Michael Gavin, SVP, Sales)

Formerly Merchant Warehouse, Cayan continues to provide some of the most robust and modern processing solutions available to the industry. The rebranding of Cayan is perhaps the best indication that the company is committed to innovation and making sure its merchants are always one step ahead of its competitors. was able to catch up […]

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Interview: Andrew Schrage of

While other children were busy playing house, Boston native and Brown University graduate Andrew Schrage was learning how to purchase one. “With some quality guidance from my parents and older siblings, I have always strived to be financially fit,” Schrage says, a statement that couldn’t ring loudly enough for young professionals like himself.  Schrage is […]

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Interview: LevelUp Raises $21 Million for Merchant Processing with Zero Transaction Fees

The mobile payments market is rapidly evolving — small start-ups are taking on the established processing behemoths in a race where winner may take all. Adoption of mobile payments has slowly, yet steadily increased in the United States recently, and with so many companies clamoring to outshine their competition, it is apparent many businesses are […]

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Interview: BitPay Shatters BitCoin Processing Record

Bitcoin, an online currency that’s received a good amount of attention over the last couple of years, is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. With tens of millions of dollars with of Bitcoins floating around in cyberspace, the currency is being picked up on online merchants around the globe as an alternative to […]

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SAIL: VeriFone’s New Dongle-Based Payment Processing Application

Beware Square — there’s a new dongle card reader application making waves in the mobile processing industry. And though Square has established itself and is essentially giving their devices away for free via rebates in brick-and-mortar stores including Walgreens, Best Buy and Staples, there’s always room for improvement on existing technology. Enter SAILpay, the darling […]

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Checkout: Point of Sale Application on the Rise with Apple Users

Checkout, a point of sale application for Apple products has been edging its way into businesses due to its simple yet fluid interface. CCPnet wanted to learn more about what the service offered and what was in store for their future and Scott Davisson, managing partner with parent company Acclivity, fielded a few questions for […]

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Interview with Flint Mobile: Social Media Intergration and Mobile Platform Expansion on Horizon

Flint Mobile, a new application that’s making waves in the mobile processing industry has been keeping busy in the first half of 2012 — They’ve recently acquired $3 million in venture capital funding and have launched a new app that allows for payment processing on-the-go without the use of a dongle. Greg Goldfarb, CEO of […]

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SnapTags: The New Player in Mobile Payment Processing

As QR Codes slowly gain traction in North America, their reach is being threatened by a new sleek and sexy form of image codes known as SnapTags. These new displays allow for companies to create scannable images with their logos prominently featured that facilitate communication between advertisers and consumers, and as of last month, even […]

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Interview with Alexander from Dashboard Insight

Dashboard technologies allow businesses to take in large amounts of data and rearrange the points in many different ways to help them get a clearer overall picture. Data related to your business is all around you, and using dashboard technology will allow you to take advantage of a relatively unknown resource that many of your […]

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