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5 Tips for Dealing with Business Debt

Personal finance experts generally frown upon consumers taking on any type of debt. But for business owners, the situation can be more complicated. There are plenty of examples of businesses that wouldn’t have been able to keep going and find success without taking on debt. Although debt can be a useful tool for growing businesses, […]

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5 Things All Businesses Can Learn from the Grocery Industry

From Amazon acquiring Whole Foods to meal kits turning down $400 million acquisition offers, the grocery industry is getting more competitive than ever. Because there’s so much activity within this industry, we want to share five valuable lessons that any business owner can learn from: Physical Retail Still Matters Online shopping continues to grow at […]

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5 Lessons from Target’s Recent Growth and Success

Given all the concerns surrounding physical retail, investors have been on edge with a lot of recent earnings announcements. We’ve already covered the fact that Walmart’s stock took a big hit after they shared their earnings. So, it probably won’t come as a surprise that the stock of one of their closest competitors took a […]

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Move Over Millennials – Gen Z is Shaping the Future of Payments

In recent years, the media has spent a lot of time covering millennials. We’ve actually done the same. You can learn about how millennials are shopping and paying, as well as five of the best millennial marketing tips. Part of why this generation has received so much media attention is because they were coming of […]

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Product Pricing in 2018 – What Works Best?

                              Pricing is a topic every business spends a lot of time thinking about. Whether you view it as an art, science or mix of the two, pricing is one of those things that can leave you scratching your head. Since […]

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What Does Visa’s Acquistion of Fraedom Mean for B2B Payments?

Not long ago, we wrote about Visa’s announcement that they were rolling out B2B blockchain payments. While that was a big step for the credit card company, it appears it’s just one of several that they’re making in regards to B2B payments. Visa’s most recent announcement is they acquired Fraedom. Founded in 1999 and based […]

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Voice Technology and eCommerce: Is Your Business Ready?

Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos generally let the company’s numbers speak for themselves. So when Bezos does make a bullish statement, everyone from Wall Street, tech and retail takes notice. At the beginning of February, Amazon announced its Q4 earnings. Not only did the company post record quarterly profit and revenue in the holiday […]

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Are Visa and Mastercard Going After Bitcoin?

The last time we wrote about the blockchain and Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency’s value was much higher than it is now. After shooting up to nearly $20,000, Bitcoin’s value slid downward week after week. Although the volatility of cryptocurrency means there’s no way to know for sure what’s coming next, it does appear that Bitcoin hit […]

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Preventing Fraud: American Express SafeKey 101

Last year marked the first time there was more digital data theft than stealing of physical assets across businesses. Because online fraud is a very real problem for businesses of all sizes, it’s important to take as many precautions as possible to prevent it. The good news is there are a lot of tools available […]

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How to Use Reviews to Increase Online Conversions

Amazon recently announced that their fourth quarter revenue for 2017 was $60.5 billion. While the company has diversified into areas like their AWS cloud platform, commerce remains at the core of their business. Since Amazon’s retail growth shows no signs of slowing down, businesses of all sizes can benefit from taking a page from their […]

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