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How to Shop Safely During the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, and that probably means you’ve been doing a lot of shopping. And because cash is also a popular Christmas gift, the increased shopping continues well into January. While lots of shoppers are good news for retail businesses, both consumers and business owners can become targets of theft during this busy season. If a […]

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Payment Processing in 2018 – What to Expect

Ongoing data breaches were among the most notable events across the payment processing industry in 2017. The scale and frequency of these breaches really drove the need for businesses of all sizes to take security very seriously. Since 2018 will be another interesting year for payment processing, we want to share six things to expect […]

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The 2017 Holiday Shopping Guide – 5 Gifts You Can’t Miss

Whether you’re just getting started with your Christmas shopping or are down to the last few people on your list, it’s always nice to have some inspiration. For the business owner in your life, consider gifting them one of the following gadgets – they’re sure to help make day-to-day business and payment processing easier to handle. […]

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How to Get Started with Content Marketing

If you want to successfully grow your business in 2018, content marketing is a great way to get started. Although content marketing can seem like something that only large corporations with huge budgets can pull off, we’re going to cover why this strategy is actually a great fit for small and medium businesses. Content Marketing […]

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Holiday Shopping 2017 Is Off to a Booming Start

Consumers aren’t wasting any time getting into the holiday spirit this year. New data shared by Adobe Analytics found that between November 1st and 11th, online shopping generated at least $1 billion every day. For comparison, there were only two days during the same time period in 2016 that failed to pass the $1 billion mark. […]

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Which Major Credit Card is Embracing the Blockchain?

If you don’t know the differences between Bitcoin and the blockchain, be sure to read up on them – this new industry is changing online payment processing in a major way. Essentially, blockchain is a computer network that functions as a ledger system. This public ledger provides a way to keep perfect records of all […]

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What to Do After a Business Data Breach

Data breaches have dominated news cycles recently, so if you own a small business, you should be doing everything in your power to make sure you and your clients don’t fall victim to the next big breach. As incidents like the recent Equifax breach demonstrate, there’s simply no way to guard against a major hack with 100 percent certainty, […]

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6 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Black Friday Sales

Last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were record-breaking and this year will likely be the same. Especially for online stores, the holidays bring tons of increased traffic and sales, so making sure your site and brand are ready is absolutely crucial. As we head into November, now’s the perfect time to take stock of what […]

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7 Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, so in an effort to ensure you’re doing all you can to protect your online data, we want to share a few useful payment security tips for business owners. 1. Understand PCI Compliance PCI compliance is a big topic when it comes to credit card processing. And the reason it’s at […]

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Should Your Business Accept Apple Pay Online?

Last year, we published the 2016 Guide to Apple Pay for Business, covering how Apple Pay works and why businesses should accept it. From 2015 to 2016, Apple Pay transactions increased by 500 percent. Thanks to ongoing innovation by Apple and adoption by businesses, the popularity of Apple Pay among consumers has continued to increase. Apple […]

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