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Card Payments International (CPI) promises to save you money over your current processing service. If the company fails in this mission, you’ll be paid $500. Estimates are free, which means merchants have nothing to lose by checking into the service. Best of all, CPI is promising as much as a 40 percent savings over a business’s current fees, although the actual fee structure is only available through a personalized quote, which can be requested through a form on CPI’s website. Through CPI, merchants have a wide variety of options. The company provides solutions for card-not-present transactions, mobile payment acceptance, and in-store card-swipe payments. This flexibility allows businesses to choose exactly the solutions they need from CPI’s suite of services, while also having the option to add additional payment solutions as they grow.

Customizable Solutions

CPI prides itself on offering more options than any other credit card processing service. Merchants can set up a suite of solutions that fit their needs, working directly with the professionals at CPI to find the best pricing package. From retailers to restaurants to online stores, credit card options are available to accept payments in exactly the manner a business needs. In addition to POS terminals and credit card equipment, CPI also gives merchants the tools they need to securely accept personal checks. Gift and loyalty cards are also available, with full customization allowing a business to create a professional card that boosts its brand. These many options help a business remain competitive in a marketplace where consumers expect to have the options they need. CPI merchants also have the ability to process payments by telephone, either by entering information manually or using a system called Tele-Debit. This feature lets merchants debit a customer’s checking account using a touch-tone phone. Through CPI, merchants can also accept ACH payments through a secure online terminal, third-party payment gateway, web services API, or a batch file upload. Today’s businesses need the ability to move freely, processing payments wherever they go. CPI’s mobile software allows businesses to process transactions using a tablet or smartphone. In addition to accepting credit cards using a compatible card swiper, businesses can also track inventory, email receipts, and maintain a customer database using the mobile software. With a receipt printer, paper receipts can also be provided to customers, whether they’re making purchases in a store, at a trade show, or on their own front porch.


CPI mechants can select from a wide variety of equipment, from dial, IP, and wireless terminals to pin pads for number entry. The processing service provider works closely with partners to ensure it carries the best equipment in the industry.

Customer Service

While CPI promises to be with merchants each step of the way, the company’s customer support hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST. During those hours, help is available by phone or email.

The Good

Among the widest selection of payment processing and equipment solutions in the industry.

Promises to beat a merchant’s current processing rates or pay $500.

The Bad

Fee information is not provided. Businesses must contact for a personalized quote to get information on pricing.

And The Ugly

Customer service is only available on weekdays and only during MST business hours.

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