Capital Processing Network Review

Company Background: Capital Processing Network is a credit card processing services company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Its services are available to merchants throughout the United States. The company website offers customers an updated blog to gain valuable advice about credit card processing in businesses.

Rates: Rates are based on specific business practices. The company does offer guaranteed rates with no hidden fees. The company offers options for professional analysis of account statements so suggestions can be made for lowered rates and fees based on how you do business.

Security features and Account Services Provided: Capital Processing Network is PCI Compliant, offer multiple methods for protecting cardholder data including firewalls configurations and encrypted transmission of data. The company provides services for ecommerce, retail, mobile/wireless transactions, gift card redemption, merchant cash advance, and web-based transactions. They cater their services to restaurants, hotel/lodging, retail fuel, automotive, and truck repair, car rentals, and retail supermarket industries. They also offer services for check guarantee, conversion processing, and check recovery.

Accepted Forms of Payment and Other Services: Capital Processing Network offers processing services and technology to process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit cards, and gift cards.  Check validation and processing equipment and technology for check acceptance is also available through Capital Processing Network.

Bottom Line:  Capital Processing Network offers multiple services, technology, and equipment to serve merchants with point of sale transactions, web-based transactions, phone sales, and wireless transactions. The company’s websites offers valuable information for merchants just stepping into the credit card processing world. They also offer a number of services to handle customers paying with checks.

There are no specific fees mentioned on the site for services but free quotes are available based on how you do business. The website features several case studies that offer details for handling credit card processing for a variety of industries. The company offers services in the United States and provides account holders with personalized services including tips for lowering transaction costs.

On-site service is also provided by Capital Processing Network. Small and medium businesses have access to competitive card processing rates and equipment which can be upgraded as the business grows. Larger organizations with higher volumes have a selection of point of sale processing solutions that include multiple check outs and equipment for self-serve gasoline service stations. Capital Processing Network offers 24/7 support services from US-based representatives to assist with accounts issues and troubleshooting for all account holders.

BBB Rating: Capital Processing Network is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau at the time of this review.

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012