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BluePay boasts the best rates for retail establishments, with swipe rates starting as low as 0.95 percent. According to BluePay, competitor rates start at 1.19 percent for similar services. While rates can vary depending on the type of business and processing volume, BluePay provides competitive rates for credit card processing, transactions, and merchant accounts. Unlike competitors who have set pricing, BluePay takes into account the many variables that make each business unique. This allows merchants to enjoy the lowest rates possible on transactions based on volume and type. Each merchant is provided a side-by-side cost analysis to show how working with BluePay will save money, including a free rate analysis.


BluePay has been in business for more than a decade, giving it a long history in the business. During this time, BluePay has amassed few complaints, showing that its dedication to customer service pays off. The company has a personal commitment to each customer, working hard to protect its merchants against credit card theft and security breaches. The company’s list of satisfied customers includes RR Donnelley, Atlas, StarLine Tours, and LifeStation.

BluePay specializes in solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Small businesses can sign up with BluePay for credit card machines that are specifically designed for a business that can grow in volume quickly. Additionally, BluePay equips small businesses with the capability of accepting payments securely via telephone or mail order.

Recognizing that large enterprises have their own unique requirements, BluePay has a suite of solutions geared toward large companies. The software can integrate with a variety of popular accounting solutions like QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using BluePay, businesses can do everything from issuing invoices to creating hosted payment forms, all while protected by a PCI-compliant solution.

Perhaps the thing that sets BluePay apart from competitors most is its industry-specific solutions. BluePay has features geared toward retailers, restaurants, gas stations, hotels and motels, and more. Each of the procedures integrated into these industry-specific solutions has been refined over years of working with businesses in these industries.


In addition to its virtual terminal options, BluePay keeps the latest credit card processing equipment in stock to help merchants. The company’s equipment includes brands such as Verifone, Hypercom, Nurit, and ROAMPay. Wireless terminals are also available to help businesses process credit cards while away from the office or storefront. Going wireless also enables businesses to increase profits and reduce costs.


Merchant support is available via telephone and live chat, with support available between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. Assistance is also available via a webform, with representatives responding within one business day. The provider also offers merchant support


With a great customer service track record, BluePay has already established itself as a reliable, merchant-driven payment processing provider


No customer support is available after hours


Nothing especially ugly about this service

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