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Given all the concerns surrounding physical retail, investors have been on edge with a lot of recent earnings announcements. We've already covered the fact that Walmart's stock took a big hit after they shared their earnings. So it probably won't come as a surprise that the stock of one of their closest competitors took a bit of a tumble as well. While Target's stock dipped by around 5%, digging deeper into what they shared actually reveals a lot of interesting information. Because Target’s overall performance is quite good in the face of a lot of uncertainty, we want to share five key takeaways from their earnings announcement, along with the lessons you can take away for your own business: Comparable Sales Growth Target's increase for comparable sales was 3.6%. What this shows is as long as you give consumers a compelling reason to visit stores in person, they're still completely willing to do exactly that. Solid eCommerce Growth Where Target saw a lot of growth was online. Posting an annual figure of 25%, this metric makes it clear that there's… Read more

In the big scheme of modern history, the Internet is still a relatively new technology. But that doesn't change the fact that the Internet has completely transformed the entire world. From communication to commerce, the Internet plays a central role in shaping our daily experiences. It wasn't that long ago when "getting online" was a dedicated activity. But now that everyone has access to the full Internet from their phones, we rarely think of online activities as something separate from our normal routines. While we've all gotten used to the Internet being open and accessible, it's important to remember that state of being isn't guaranteed. Instead, it's something that can be changed by the government or other controlling entities. Currently, changes to net neutrality have the potential to reshape the face of the Internet. We want to use this post to go over exactly what those changes are, as well as what they could mean for your business. What's Happening to Net Neutrality? When the original net neutrality framework was put into place, it had a few primary goals. Two… Read more

In February, we wrote about Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. One of the key takeaways from this post was the fact that both Visa and Mastercard were embracing the concept of blockchain technology. One of the reasons many traditional players in the payments space are now getting involved in blockchain is it presents a lot of unique opportunities for B2B payments. While you can find plenty of blockchain enthusiasts who say that this technology will absolutely be the future, Mastercard is already diversifying its B2B efforts. A Quick Update on Mastercard Before we dive into the specifics of Mastercard's recent B2B initiatives, we want to provide a snapshot of where the company is at. After they reported their Q1 earnings, their stock price got a nice boost. That's because their net revenue had a 31% year over year lift to $3.58 billion. Their earnings per share performance was even stronger, rising by a total of 49%. There were several factors behind this strong performance. One was a 17% increase in switched transactions. Another was a 14% boost in gross dollar volume.… Read more

Tech startups and large corporations often use revenue as their key metric. As long as they can show revenue growth, investors will continue providing any necessary cash to hit the next milestone. While that type of business strategy has its own set of challenges, it isn't necessarily something that small to medium businesses can relate to very well. The reason is most SMBs don't have easy access to liquid capital. Instead, they need a way to fuel their own growth. That's why cash flow is arguably the most important metric for SMBs to care about. By properly optimizing cash flow, a small to medium business can ensure they're always able to cover expenses, as well as have an additional cash cushion for any new opportunities or unexpected issues that come up. Although cash flow is critical for growing a business, it can often feel like something that you are unable to control. If that sounds all too familiar, the good news is there are steps you can take to improve cash flow: Optimize Payment Terms One of the most common… Read more

Although the price of Bitcoin has been in a slump, one of the reasons that so many people remain bullish about blockchain technology is it can provide a decentralized approach to lots of different things, including payments. A common example that's given in support of decentralization is how many different data breaches have exposed people's private information. An even more recent example is when Visa experienced problems with their network in Europe. Visa's European Service Outage At the beginning of June, one of Visa's official Twitter accounts said that "we are currently experiencing a service disruption which is preventing some Visa transactions in Europe from being processed. We are investigating the cause and working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation. We will keep you updated." While that sounds like a fairly standard statement that any large company would issue in regards to a technical issue, this specific one was far more widespread. Reports indicate that millions of consumers in the UK and Europe were affected by the outage. That included being unable to pay at countless gas stations… Read more