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Given all the concerns surrounding physical retail, investors have been on edge with a lot of recent earnings announcements. We've already covered the fact that Walmart's stock took a big hit after they shared their earnings. So, it probably won't come as a surprise that the stock of one of their closest competitors took a bit of a tumble as well. While Target's stock dipped by around 5%, digging deeper into what they shared actually reveals a lot of interesting information. Because Target’s overall performance is quite good in the face of a lot of uncertainty, we want to share five key takeaways from their earnings announcement, along with the lessons you can takeaway for your own business: Comparable Sales Growth Target's increase for comparable sales was 3.6%. What this shows is as long as you give consumers a compelling reason to visit stores in person, they're still completely willing to do exactly that. Solid eCommerce Growth Where Target saw a lot of growth was online. Posting an annual figure of 25%, this metric makes it clear that there's still… Read more

When Walmart acquired Jet in August of 2016, there was a lot of talk about building synergy between the two companies. While Jet continues to perform very well, Walmart hit a recent stumbling block in their ecommerce pursuit. Unlike their biggest rival Amazon, who just posted another round of blockbuster results, Walmart's stock recently took its biggest hit in over two years. The reason for this drop was their earnings report. Specifically, Walmart reported that their online sales grew at a far slower rate than they did previously. What Caused the Slowdown? Since investors obviously wanted to know why Walmart experienced an ecommerce slump, the company's CFO said they "had a few operational issues from an inventory replenishment perspective.” Although he didn't discuss the matter any further, it's not hard to see that ever-increasing competition likely played a role as well. In just the last year, Amazon made its huge Whole Foods acquisition and pushed forward a number of initiatives, ranging from Alexa to exploring healthcare. Given how dialed in Amazon is with their ecommerce retail business, it's not hard… Read more

In recent years, the media has spent a lot of time covering millennials. We've actually done the same. You can learn about how millennials are shopping and paying, as well as five of the best millennial marketing tips. Part of why this generation has received so much media attention is because they were coming of age when the Great Recession hit. As a result, they had to face a lot of harsh realities, like moving back in with their parents after college or taking on incredible amounts of student loans. While millennials are still a very influential group, it seems like they've been hitting their stride. That includes settling into predictable lifestyle habits. Because millennials have been looked at so closely, we want to shift the focus a little -- on to Generation Z. Gen Z is just starting to see some signs of the media attention millennials have had for so long, so you're not alone if your understanding of this group is a little more hazy. But by the time you finish reading, you'll be much more up to speed.… Read more

  In less than 15 years, Shopify has matured into a publicly traded company with a market cap of over $13 billion. Shopify reports that over half a billion merchants use its platform to sell online, which generates gross merchandise volume of over $45 billion. Given the scale Shopify has reached, there's no question that the ripples of their actions are felt across the entire ecommerce and credit card processing industry. The position of leadership Shopify occupies within the industry is why we want to focus on some recent comments the company made. According to Andre Lyver, who is head of payments at Shopify, the company wants "to kill the checkout forms of today. They have overstayed their welcome." This bold statement actually spawned the hashtag #KillTheCheckout. Why is Shopify So Against the Current Online Checkout Experience? Shopify didn't pick this focus out of the blue. Instead, it's the result of tons of data that shows just how much the online checkout experience someone encounters influences whether or not they ultimately buy. Specifically, there's data that shows under-performing at checkouts… Read more

                              Pricing is a topic every business spends a lot of time thinking about. Whether you view it as an art, science or mix of the two, pricing is one of those things that can leave you scratching your head. Since we get the opportunity to speak with a variety of SMBs, we want to share our thoughts on the best way to approach product pricing in 2018: Create Packages and Utilize Multiple Price Points While there are entire blog posts written about specific topics like charm pricing, we want to focus on an overall strategy you can use for pricing just about any type of product or service. That strategy is creating differentiation by utilizing multiple price points. The best way to understand the power of this strategy is by digging into a real example. Over the last few years, many non-fiction authors have realized they can earn much more than the average price of a book. They do this by building packages around the book… Read more