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*#2 Flagship Merchant Services Most Popular Choice
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Get a FREE Credit Card Terminal from Flagship with a 1 year loaner agreement. Call: 855-389-8504
Our Rating
*9.2 of 10
Users' Rating
Retail Rates
0.38%- 1.58%
Internet Rates
*#3 National Processing Most Popular Choice
Special Offer
Get a Visa Gift Card from National Processing if they can't beat your current rates. Call: 855-910-8452
Our Rating
*8.7 of 10
Users' Rating
Retail Rates
Call for rates
Internet Rates
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*#4 Pura Payments Most Popular Choice
Special Offer
Call: 844-262-7982
Our Rating
*8.6 of 10
Users' Rating
Retail Rates
Call for Rates
Internet Rates
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*#5 Sam’s Club Merchant Services Most Popular Choice
Special Offer
Our Rating
*7.5 of 10
Users' Rating
1 Retail Rates Starting at
1.29% + $0.15Per transaction
1 Internet Rates Starting at
1.89% + $0.28Per transaction


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Latest Credit Card Processing Reviews

Merchant One Review

Merchant One provides credit card processing and various other merchant services for multiple business types, from small eCommerce stores to restaurants and businesses with physical locations. They provide state-of-the-art POS systems and payment terminals, and claim new merchants can be set up and accepting credit cards within just 24 hours of applying. Plus, they have a 98% approval rate, so chances are your application will be approved – even if you have less-than-perfect credit. ... Get Rates - Read More

Flagship Review

With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for... Get Rates - Read More

National Processing Review

National Processing provides highly-rated merchant services and payment processing at low, transparent rates. Tired of complex pricing and hidden fees? National Processing promises fixed margins, no price increases and complete rate transparency. They also offer a lowest rate guarantee. If they can’t beat your current processing rates, they’ll give you a $500 Visa gift card – just for considering their services. Plus, they have excellent reviews for their customer service... Get Rates - Read More

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Chip Readers (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Chip readers are just another trendy add-on designed to make us upgrade our equipment and payment methods, right? Wrong. When you’re a merchant it may seem like you’re constantly having to adapt to new technology — for better or worse. However, when it comes to chip readers, they’re actually a highly beneficial tool for your […]

5 Ways to Better Protect Your Customers’ Financial Data

As a merchant, protecting your customer’s financial data should be a primary concern. If you become slack in this area, you risk compromising your customers’ safety and your reputation as a business. With mobile payments and credit cards becoming increasingly popular ways to pay for goods and services, criminals have come up with new and […]

Are Visa and Mastercard Going After Bitcoin?

The last time we wrote about the blockchain and Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency’s value was much higher than it is now. After shooting up to nearly $20,000, Bitcoin’s value slid downward week after week. Although the volatility of cryptocurrency means there’s no way to know for sure what’s coming next, it does appear that Bitcoin hit […]

Preventing Fraud: American Express SafeKey 101

Last year marked the first time there was more digital data theft than stealing of physical assets across businesses. Because online fraud is a very real problem for businesses of all sizes, it’s important to take as many precautions as possible to prevent it. The good news is there are a lot of tools available […]

What Caused the 2018 Social Media Backlash Against Bank of America?

In 2009, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took significant action to help protect consumers following the recession, enacting the CARD Act, which helps limit the size of fees issuers can charge cardholders. This has dramatically scaled back common fees, like late payment fees. The act also helped make it easier to pay on time by eliminating […]

Interview: Cayan (Michael Gavin, SVP, Sales)

Formerly Merchant Warehouse, Cayan continues to provide some of the most robust and modern processing solutions available to the industry. The rebranding of Cayan is perhaps the best indication that the company is committed to innovation and making sure its merchants are always one step ahead of its competitors. was able to catch up […]

Interview: Andrew Schrage of

While other children were busy playing house, Boston native and Brown University graduate Andrew Schrage was learning how to purchase one. “With some quality guidance from my parents and older siblings, I have always strived to be financially fit,” Schrage says, a statement that couldn’t ring loudly enough for young professionals like himself.  Schrage is […]

Interview: Edo Inc. Raises Another $15 Million in Funding

edō, Inc., the company that’s bringing discount offers directly to credit cards, has brought in another $15 million in venture funding, bringing their total to $54.3 million. The company is taking a straight-forward approach to linking coupons to credit cards instead of the current industry trend of linking them to smartphones. CCPnet took the opportunity […]