5 Tips for Dealing with Business Debt

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Personal finance experts generally frown upon consumers taking on any type of debt. But for business owners, the situation can be more complicated. There are plenty of examples of businesses that wouldn’t have been able to keep going and find success without taking on debt. Although debt can be a useful tool for growing businesses, it still has plenty of risks and downsides.

If your business has used debt in the past and you’re still dealing with the impact of that decision, the best thing you can do is take control of that debt. Since accomplishing this goal is often much easier said than done, we want to share five very actionable tips:

  1. Know Exactly Where You’re At

Because most business debt accumulates at least some amount of interest, many owners don’t know exactly how much debt they’re carrying. The same is often true for those with multiple sources of business debt. Even though it may be a little painful to do, sitting down and calculating exactly how much debt you need to tackle is an important starting point.

  1. Create a Budget Goal

Once you know how much debt you actually have, the next step is to create a plan for tackling it. Setting a budget goal will give you clear metrics that you can work towards reaching. Creating this type of budget will also bring up different areas where you can improve, which is exactly what we’re going to talk about in the next section.

  1. Cut Expenses

As a business grows, expenses are going to increase. In the middle of dealing with everything that comes up on a daily basis, it’s easy to let certain expenses that may not be complete necessities slide by. So if you have issues with debt, doing a thorough review of all expenses is a very good investment of your time. This activity is almost guaranteed to put a spotlight on multiple expenses that you can cut off without any negative effects.

  1. Discuss and Negotiate

Creating an open conversation with lenders can actually have very positive effects. Lenders would much rather get paid a portion of what they’re owed than nothing at all, which is why they’re often quite willing to negotiate. The only way to find out is by starting a discussion and then asking.

  1. Increase Sales

For people with personal debt, quickly increasing their salaries is generally very hard to do. But with a business, it is possible to significantly ramp up sales in a short amount of time. Finding ways to sell more of your product or services will create additional cash flow that you can put towards debt.

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