5 Marketing and Sales Tips to Kick Off Summer

cashier taking payment

After a winter that’s been especially cold in many states, warmer weather is finally starting to arrive across the US. Lots of people have also recently received their tax refunds. This means that after a first-quarter slowdown, plenty of consumers are primed to do some spending.

If you want to put your business in the best position to receive some of those early summer dollars, we have five great tips to help you kick off the season:

  1. Host a Special Event

One of the best ways to remind your customers about your business is to host a special event. Because summer is such a broad topic, you can have a lot of freedom in regards to what you make the event all about. Getting people out and to your business can help set the tone for a very successful summer.

  1. Emphasize Travel

This is a time of the year when many people are thinking a lot about travel. Since that’s the type of content they want to consume, you can tap into those feelings by centering some of your social media efforts around travel. A really fun option is to encourage your customers to share their travel plans and photos with you. Bonus points if they have your product in the photos they post!

  1. Create a Seasonal Loyalty Program or Offer

If you’ve noticed that almost every business you stop by has a loyalty program, that’s not by accident. The reason businesses of all sizes are investing in these programs is they work really well. The good news for smaller businesses is you don’t need a full-blown loyalty app to reap the benefits. In fact, you don’t even need an entire program. Instead, creating a loyalty offer that lasts through the summer can do a lot to motivate customers to visit your business multiple times.

  1. Say Thanks

A big advantage that small businesses often forget they have is the ability to make their customers feel truly appreciated. Whether this is accomplished by handwriting a thank-you card or through some other gesture, saying thanks is a great way to stay top of mind with your customers. It can also give them a reason to talk about your business to others.

  1. Evaluate Outdoor Events

In addition to hosting your own event, it may make sense to have a presence at one or more outdoor events in your community. Whether you sponsor or just show up, this can be a really great way to get in front of a large pool of potential new customers.

By putting the five tips we covered into action, you’ll be able to drive a lot of revenue. If you want to be sure that you’re not overpaying on fees whenever someone buys with a card, the best thing you can do is take a look at the rates offered by our recommended credit card processors.

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018