46 Resource Blogs to Help You Improve Credit

Your credit score is extremely important, especially if you are looking to make a big purchase like a new home or a new car. Trying to obtain either of these with bad credit will never happen, especially in a down economy. Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States are deep in debt and struggling to even keep up with their minimum credit card payments. Because of this, many people’s credit scores are being seriously damaged due to irresponsible spending with credit cards and even student loans. Here are 46 blogs that will help serve as a resource for anyone looking to improve their credit.

  1. Loans Web Guide to Loans & Credit: Improve your credit rating with advice from a trained financial adviser with almost 20 years experience.
  2. MCP Help Blog: Expert advice on Bad Credit Mortgage, Refinancing, and Home Loans. Improve your credit in as little as 9 months.
  3. Crushing the Credit Bureaus: Discover How To Take On The Credit Bureaus And Get Your Credit Scores To Work For You Instead Of Against You
  4. Good Financial Cents: Jeff Rose, CFA® helps a person make “cents” of their investments.
  5. Concept Of Balance: Post financial questions and get answers.
  6. Credit Reports – Blog Delinquencies Bureau: Information on managing your credit, credit score, and credit report.
  7. Improve Your Credit Rating: Tips, methods, and advice to help improve a credit score fast.
  8. Bankrate: Blogs with information and advice on credit cards, Federal Reserve, mortgages, retirement, taxes, and wealth.
  9. Best Tips Technology: Advice and tips on credit maintenance, raising a credit score, how to maintain a good credit rating, DIY credit repair, the basics of credit repair, etc
  10. The Credit Score Blog: Information on the credit bureaus, investment advice, short sales, credit tips and advice.
  11. Generation Finance: 15 Ways to Establish and Improve Your Credit History and FICO Score
  12. Mint.com: Free personal finance software, budget software, online money management and budget planner. “The best free way to manage your money online.”
  13. Spend On Life: Tips on closing credit cards, getting a new credit card, paying off high interest rate credit cards and other ways to hurt or improve a credit score.
  14. Active Rain: How to raise raise a credit score and save money doing it.
  15. QuizzleWire: Common credit score and report myths, how credit checks affect a score, tips and advice for the credit conscious.
  16. Consumerism Commentary: Raise your FICO Credit Score.
  17. Marie Claire: How to avoid bad credit.
  18. Credit Karma Blog: Information on how often a credit score changes.
  19. Broken Credit: Free credit report, a help center, free online seminar, and free dispute letter.
  20. Business Credit: Information on balance chasing, business credit bureaus, business credit report, credit reporting agencies, and business credit ratings explained.
  21. Debt Consolidation Care: Improving a credit score with the new laws.
  22. Moolanomy: How a person can improve their credit score. Information on banking, credit and debt, credit cards, insurance, investing, real estate, taxes and even some freebies.
  23. Dough Roller: Make more, spend less and invest the rest all while improving your credit score.
  24. Not Made of Money: Tips to boost a credit score, fibs about credit scores, who checks credit scores, and other useful information to help improve credit.
  25. The Motley Fool: Fast credit score help to improve a credit rating.
  26. All Business: Raise a credit score immediately.
  27. Zillow Blog: What’s in a credit score? What makes it?
  28. Credit.com: Should you maintain a credit score or improve it? Information on credit and debt, personal finance, economic crisis, housing market and employment trends.
  29. Budget Pulse: What are the best credit cards for those with bad credit? When is it a good or bad idea to borrow? Where do credit score numbers come from?
  30. Think Glink: Negotiating with credit card companies and being placed in a hardship program. What to do.
  31. Credit Info Center: Do it yourself help and free counseling available to repair credit.
  32. CollegeRecruiter.com: How paying off student loans can improve credit.
  33. Man vs Debt: Says, “Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.” Do you have inaccuracies on a credit report? Credit card strategies to help a credit score.
  34. Moneying: Improve credit by carrying debt. Good advice?
  35. Ask Liz Weston: Personal Finance Columnist – How to live on your income and not go broke.
  36. Compare Cards: Charge responsibly for a good credit score rating. Employers and FICO scores; are they interested in the number?
  37. BillShrink: Says “Shrinkage is good.” Can paying off a car loan improve a credit score? Do you have a bad case of collection agencies calling?
  38. Home Buying Institute: Help for consumers. Why should you avoid credit repair companies?
  39. The Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog: Can you rebuild a credit score after bankruptcy?
  40. Credit Repair Blog: Post comments and read other comments from readers with credit questions. Don’t see your question? Start a new discussion.
  41. Bankruptcy Legal Group: Does bankruptcy ruin credit forever? Does it mean no credit for 10 years? Debunked myths.
  42. Bills.com: What do do about a derogatory item on your credit report.
  43. Wise Bread: Living large on a small budget with frugal living.
  44. You Bundle: Great collection of respected sites with advice, tips, and information on credit after bankruptcy.
  45. Bankruptcy Home: Can bankruptcy improve a bad credit score? What does it do to a good credit score?
  46. Ask Kate: Want a good mortgage rate? Information, advice and tips on how to improve your credit.

Image Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thetruthabout/ / CC BY-SA 2.0

Posted on Sunday, April 25th, 2010