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With straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing, 2Checkout simplifies payment acceptance. Transaction rates are 2.9 percent plus $0.30, which is competitive with many other payment processors. For merchants that accept more than $50,000 in transactions each month, 2Checkout can create a customized pricing model that offers a discount over its basic plan. 2Checkout globalizes businesses, allowing them to take payments in 26 currencies and sell in 196 countries. 2Checkout accounts are free, so business can set up payment acceptance on their websites at no charge.


With a client base of more than 50,000 sellers, 2Checkout focuses on helping businesses grow beyond geographic boundaries. The company emphasizes security and fraud protection with each of its transactions, ensuring PCI compliance and maintaining a database of more than 300 fraud rules. Its 15 years in the business gives 2Checkout the experience necessary to protect its merchants, leveraging a partnership with Brinks to provide an extra layer of security during checkout.

2Checkout’s sophisticated software can detect a visitor’s origin and adjust accordingly, providing payment capabilities in the currencies that would apply to those visitors. The provider’s checkout experience proudly displays the business’s brand, which helps enhance customer trust as they enter sensitive payment data. With the ability to easily integrate with dozens of shopping cart and invoicing solutions, 2Checkout can have a business accepting secure, global payments quickly.

Merchants have multiple options with 2Checkout’s hosted checkout, including a standard interface that adapts to each customer’s device and an inline option that integrates with a business’s existing site for a seamless shopping experience. A checkout editor lets businesses customize the look and feel to ensure it matches existing branding. Both secure and inline checkout feature PCI Level 1 compliance to keep customer data as safe as possible for both merchants and consumers.

2Checkout also includes a mobile app, giving businesses the ability to issue refunds, stop recurring billing orders, send invoices, and more directly from an iPad. If an order has to be changed, merchants can notify customers from directly within the app. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and startups, where owners are often involved in daily operations at a hands-on level. Mobile accessibility means they can keep their business running even while they’re on the road.


2Checkout is fully software oriented, so no hardware purchase will be required. The software solutions provided by 2Checkout can be implemented with an existing website. Once implemented, merchants can use existing PCs and mobile devices or purchase dedicated electronics to access 2Checkout’s administrative features.


In addition to an extensive knowledgebase, 2Checkout provides customer support by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Help is also available by raising a Support Ticket.


Merchants can accept payments from customers all over the world in multiple currencies

Protected by a respectable security brand in Brinks


For merchants that process less than $50,000 a month in payments, the fee structure might not be as low as can be obtained with other services


Customer service has been noted as not being the best

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