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Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, National Bankcard is a leading provider of credit card processing services in the US - allowing business owners to accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. National Bankcard services a wide range of industries, from retail to restaurants, wireless, medical, hospitality and online businesses.

Many business owners turn to National Bankcard for their merchant account services because they can get started without paying a setup fee. Additionally, National Bankcard does not charge an annual fee or cancellation fee to their customers, while still offering low payment processing costs.

High Security For Merchants

One of the problems business owners face when they begin accepting credit cards from customers is through chargebacks and fraud. National Bankcard seeks to reduce the number of chargebacks business owners experience, and the fraud department is constantly working to protect both your business and your customers.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

National Bankcard offers a wide range of solutions for different credit card processing needs. Some business owners may need more than one solution - a retail store that also has an online store, for example. Available solutions include:

  • retailers: your customers swipe their credit or debit cards through a card reader in the checkout line.
  • restaurants: servers can swipe customer cards through a card reader or manually key the details into the POS system.
  • online: use the payment gateway to accept credit cards from customers through your online shopping cart; or enter transactions manually into a virtual terminal.
  • hotels: swipe customer credit or debit cards through a card reader, POS system or online payment gateway.
  • wireless: swipe credit cards through wireless credit card terminals, a smartphone, or enter via a laptop on a wireless internet connection.
  • mail and phone orders: manually enter customer credit or debit card details into a virtual terminal online or a credit card terminal.
  • gas stations: customers swipe credit or debit cards through a terminal on the gas pump.

Business Services

In addition to helping business owners accept credit and debit card payments from their customers, National Bankcard has a number of other business services. You can use National Bankcard in conjunction with Quickbooks to process credit card payments; you can use TeleCheck to accept checks by phone; monitor your merchant account activities through online reports; and access a cash advance of $3000 to $300,000 through future credit card transactions processed through National Bankcard.

The Good: Free terminals with no contract term Lots of industry specific solutions

The Bad: Doesn’t publish acceptance rates

The Ugly: Expensive terminals, aside from free promotions

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User Reviews
Submitted by Victor

This was ideal advice for my business needs. The customer support team is really top notch and a pleasure to work with.

Customer Testimonials*

Linda Wills, Now Life Coaching

"I wanted to take a few minutes to write and let you know what a wonderful Sales Account Manager you have in Vanessa Rivera. I am new to your company and, while I am experiencing some typical bumps in the road getting my new business up and running, Vanessa has been my contact and has made the experience a pleasurable one. She is always there for me when I have questions or issues. She has been not only very patient but has made me feel as if I really do have someone on my side in your company. Whenever I have had to write to her I receive responses very quickly, even if only to say "I'm working on it and will be back to you soon." It really builds great customer rapport. I was shopping different credit card processing companies and settled on National Bank Card because of my initial contact with the gentleman who set it up (sorry, his name escapes me) and then to find that the good support not only continues but is magnified with Vanessa and her professionalism....well count me in as someone who would surely recommend your company."

Mary, The Book Nook

"Dan Galbraith is the Sales Representative that helped me get my account set up. He was very articulate, organized, and presented your program to me in a way which was easy to understand. I will definitely forward his contact information to fellow business owners."

Anthony, Tony’s Repair Shop

"I recently contacted National Bankcard for solutions for accepting credit cards at my small business. Larry Glassman was not only pleasant and easy to talk to, but very professional. Although my business is small, he had us setup at a rate lower than I was offered at my bank…I will recommend Larry Glassman and National Bankcard to our friends. Thanks"

Jessica, Fashion Salon

"I just wanted to contact you to inform you that your sales representative, Lauren Bonom is definitely an asset to your company. She is the ideal representative! She has been helpful, understanding and friendly. She made my experience well worth it and I have already recommended her to someone else!"

Mary, Farmhouse Marketing

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. I have been processing with National Bankcard for years, and I have never had a problem. The customer support team is knowledgeable and helpful. There is always someone available whenever I call in for assistance. Keep up the good work!"

*All features described in any testimonial may not be included in every package offered.
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Processor Highlights

  • eCommerce, Wireless, Retail, MOTO
  • Free pin pad with 0.00% debit rate
  • Free Land Line and IP Terminals
  • Low wholesale processing rates
  • No Annual Fee or per trans. differentials
  • E-Signature paperless application
  • Wide variety of processing solutions
  • Business Cash Advance
  • 24/7 expert support
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