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How Big of an Impact Will Digital Wallets Have in 2017?

There’s no shortage of innovation that takes place within the payment processing industry. While it’s interesting to keep an eye on what’s being developed, a lot of new developments fail to make any type of huge splash on their own. However, they often do have a noticeable impact as part of a larger trend. If […]

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Losing Out On Tips? See How Mobile Payments Can Help

Over the last year, we’ve reviewed processors like Gravity Payments, which offer excellent mobile processing options. As this type of technology continues to develop, the number of potential uses continues to expand, as well. One industry benefiting from mobile payment processing? Restaurants, food service, and other industries where employees rely on tips as part of their salary. […]

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Is Recurring Billing Right for Your Business?

Recurring billing has become a popular way for consumers to pay bills, benefiting both the merchant and its customers. With recurring billing, a payment method is charged automatically at an interval determined by the business. The customer agrees to have his card or bank account charged on a specific date on a recurring basis. Often […]

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Hazards of Stolen Credit Cards and How to Protect Your Business

Identity thieves create chaos, clearing out victims’ bank accounts and damaging their credit for years. More than 15 million residents fall prey to identity thieves each year with losses costing consumers and businesses more than $50 billion annually. The person with the stolen identity isn’t the only one who suffers. When a thief pays for […]

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Keeping Up with Cash on the Go

Mobile credit card readers have given businesses the freedom to accept cards on the go using a tablet or smartphone. Even with this freedom, though, some consumers still prefer to pay by cash. Since setting up a full cash register with a drawer might be unreasonable at a conference or flea market, it’s important that […]

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Lawmakers In 11 States Introduce Legislation To Ban Passing Credit Card Surcharges Onto Consumers

As of January 27th, 2013, Visa and Mastercard are allowing businesses to pass credit card surcharge fees onto customers, breaking a rule both companies have strictly enforced for decades. The change came amidst the $7.25 billion settlement Visa, Mastercard and a slew of major banks agreed to pay out to retailers nationwide. Included in the […]

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Merchants Will Soon Be Able To Pass Surcharges Onto Customers Using Visa Credit Cards

Beginning January 27th, 2013, merchants will be allowed pass surcharges onto customers utilizing a Visa credit card in states that haven’t explicitly made the practice illegal. The change of terms comes in the wake of the $7.25 billion settlement that Visa, Mastercard and a handful of large banks will be paying out to merchants across […]

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Groupon Officially Launches Breadcrumb, a Comprehensive Point-of-Sale Solution

Groupon officially launched its new point-of-sale business, Breadcrumb, this week pulling it out of the beta stage and allowing the public to enroll. Breadcrumb acts as a comprehensive business solution, integrating the ability to make reservations, place an order, email or print receipts, provide data on real time sales, track employees’ shifts and now fulfill […]

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Interview: LevelUp Raises $21 Million for Merchant Processing with Zero Transaction Fees

The mobile payments market is rapidly evolving — small start-ups are taking on the established processing behemoths in a race where winner may take all. Adoption of mobile payments has slowly, yet steadily increased in the United States recently, and with so many companies clamoring to outshine their competition, it is apparent many businesses are […]

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