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Alibaba Is Dominating Online Payment Technology. Here’s How.

Ever heard of Alibaba? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Even though it’s a company with a market cap of over $200 billion, many people in the United States aren’t all that familiar with Alibaba. Business owners may know about the company’s main domain, which connects manufacturers, suppliers, buyers and wholesalers. While that site alone […]

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What You Need to Know About Virtual Terminal Processing

When a customer wants to pay in person with a credit or debit card, you can process that payment by swiping their card through a reader. And when a customer wants to place an order online, they can type their information into your ecommerce site and then submit it for processing. But what if a […]

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Tips for Retailers to Speed Up Offline and Online Checkouts

Although credit card processing is already one of the fastest ways for businesses to process payments, there are still bottlenecks that can come up. These bottlenecks can occur both offline and online. If you want to ensure that your customers are able to checkout as quickly as possible in any situation, be sure to put […]

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How to Provide Good Service at Your Online Checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is an ongoing problem for online businesses. Analytics have given professionals the power to see just how many people are leaving items in their cart without buying. Businesses want to know why customers disappear without finalizing a purchase. They spend hours studying customer behaviors to get those answers. But in the end, […]

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The Connection Between Site Analytics & Payment Processing

Site analytics have become an essential part of running an ecommerce operation. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, a website separates a business from its customers, since they can’t personally witness them interacting with their products. Through the use of today’s advanced analytics software, an ecommerce site can determine information like which products are drawing interest, the exact […]

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Why Google Checkout Failed

Failure doesn’t seem to be part of the Google vocabulary, since everything the company does turns to gold. So when the company announced its Google Checkout solution was closing, it took the industry by surprise. But in fact, Google Checkout was one of multiple projects the company has shelved after failing to get the reception […]

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Why You Need Credit Processing for Your Online Store

When a business sets up an online store, one of the first priorities is finding a way to allow customers to pay. Online payment services like PayPal can be great as a temporary fix, especially for startups building their businesses on sites like Etsy and eBay. However, to truly attract sales, your business’s website should […]

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Best Mobile Credit Card Processors

Mobile processing is growing in popularity, opening up businesses of all sizes and types to accept payments. Using just a mobile device and a card reader, merchants can accept credit cards anywhere, including at conferences and trade shows. This feature has made this type of payment processing popular even for bricks-and-mortar locations that already have […]

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How Can Banks and Businesses Scale in the Mobile Payment Revolution?

For the modern consumer, the convenience of on-the-go functionality has transformed into pure necessity. Whether it’s making dinner decisions on the whim or a P2P money transfer to a friend for a concert coming up, the virtual accessibility of products necessitates the same for transactions. But where does tradition fit in? According to a recent […]

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PayPal: Pros and Cons

It’s one of the top online payment processing services, having pioneered the concept of paying for items on behalf of online buyers. This adds an element of protection to transactions, keeping buyers’ credit card information safe while allowing sellers to get their money quickly. But in the more than two decades since PayPal was introduced, […]

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