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Why You Need Credit Processing for Your Online Store

When a business sets up an online store, one of the first priorities is finding a way to allow customers to pay. Online payment services like PayPal can be great as a temporary fix, especially for startups building their businesses on sites like Etsy and eBay. However, to truly attract sales, your business’s website should […]

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Best Mobile Credit Card Processors

Mobile processing is growing in popularity, opening up businesses of all sizes and types to accept payments. Using just a mobile device and a card reader, merchants can accept credit cards anywhere, including at conferences and trade shows. This feature has made this type of payment processing popular even for bricks-and-mortar locations that already have […]

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How Can Banks and Businesses Scale in the Mobile Payment Revolution?

For the modern consumer, the convenience of on-the-go functionality has transformed into pure necessity. Whether it’s making dinner decisions on the whim or a P2P money transfer to a friend for a concert coming up, the virtual accessibility of products necessitates the same for transactions. But where does tradition fit in? According to a recent […]

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PayPal: Pros and Cons

It’s one of the top online payment processing services, having pioneered the concept of paying for items on behalf of online buyers. This adds an element of protection to transactions, keeping buyers’ credit card information safe while allowing sellers to get their money quickly. But in the more than two decades since PayPal was introduced, […]

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How to Make Your Customers More Comfortable with Mobile Payments

Technology has enabled anyone to swipe credit cards using a reader attached to a mobile device. From beauty salons to garage sales, these readers are beginning to appear everywhere. Yet some customers are still reluctant to hand over a card for swiping through a smartphone or tablet, stating that they aren’t sure the card reader […]

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Going Global? Tips for Encouraging International Sales on Your Retail Site

The internet has removed geographic boundaries for retailers, allowing them to sell items to consumers around the globe. Many obstacles remain, including language differences and shipping costs. Still, many businesses continue anyway, finding that the extra income they can earn by selling to overseas customers offsets any additional cost. One of the first obstacles merchants […]

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How to Safely Set Up Online Transactions

At one time, setting up online payments was a complicated process, leading many businesses to either outsource the setup or redirect customers to a site like PayPal to handle things. With so many easy-to-use cloud solutions, today’s businesses can easily do things in house at an affordable rate. This has upped the ante for companies […]

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Differences between Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

Gift cards have become integral to business operations, with customers and retailers benefiting from them. Consumers love having the perfect gift for the person who has everything, while retailers have found that often customers neglect to use the full balance of each card. In fact, a recent study found that since 2008, consumers have left […]

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How to Set Up Your Online Store

Online stores are no longer the exclusive right of internet retailers. From small-town gift shops to specialty boutiques, even bricks-and-mortar stores are seeing the benefits of offering their wares online. Any business that doesn’t have an  eCommerce front is likely getting questions on a regular basis about doing so, with loyal customers interested in ordering […]

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Hazards of Stolen Credit Cards and How to Protect Your Business

Identity thieves create chaos, clearing out victims’ bank accounts and damaging their credit for years. More than 15 million residents fall prey to identity thieves each year with losses costing consumers and businesses more than $50 billion annually. The person with the stolen identity isn’t the only one who suffers. When a thief pays for […]

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