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Is a Cloud-Based Point of Sale a Good Idea?

In recent years, cloud computing has played a leading role in shaping the technology industry. In less than five years, businesses have more than doubled their annual spending on cloud computing. With this type of technology now driving more than $100 billion in spending a year, it’s no surprise the cloud is influencing how business […]

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5 Reports to Help You Understand the Health of Your Business

When you first start a new business, it’s easy to keep track of where every dollar is going. But as the business starts to grow, it becomes more challenging to maintain insight this granular. The maturity of a business means the numbers you care about the most can change. While getting a grip on all […]

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What Payment Options Do Consumers Want?

The Internet and social media have made consumers more empowered than ever before, changing the dynamics of many industries. Instead of depending on a salesperson or piece of company literature to learn about a product, it only takes people a few minutes to go online and get a truly candid scoop about any product they’re […]

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4 PCI Compliance Musts for Larger Businesses

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance is a topic that’s important for businesses of all sizes. However, what’s required of larger businesses is much different than what’s required of smaller businesses. If you want to make this issue a priority, but aren’t exactly sure where to start, you’re definitely not alone. This is something that plenty of […]

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How Big of an Impact Will Digital Wallets Have in 2017?

There’s no shortage of innovation that takes place within the payment processing industry. While it’s interesting to keep an eye on what’s being developed, a lot of new developments fail to make any type of huge splash on their own. However, they often do have a noticeable impact as part of a larger trend. If […]

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Want to Boost Customer Loyalty? 3 Ways to Get Started

Businesses everywhere know the high cost of acquiring new customers. Since sustainable methods of bringing in new customers for cheap can be hard to come by, it’s often better for businesses to focus their attention on getting existing customers to purchase more than once. Building customer loyalty starts with delivering a great product and excellent service. […]

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What Impact Does the Durbin Amendment Have on Credit Card Processing?

The Durbin Amendment was passed in 2010, but its now receiving a lot of renewed attention thanks to a bill aimed at repealing it. Since this amendment directly affects the credit card processing industry, we want to dig a little deeper and fill you in on what exactly this means for small businesses. Why the Interest in Repealing […]

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The Small Business Guide to Credit Card Processing Fees

If you want to sell a product or service, you need to be able to accept credit cards. While many online businesses start out by only accepting PayPal or Google Checkout, it doesn’t take long for them to discover they need a more flexible option. In addition to opening your business up to a wider […]

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Losing Out On Tips? See How Mobile Payments Can Help

Over the last year, we’ve reviewed processors like Gravity Payments, which offer excellent mobile processing options. As this type of technology continues to develop, the number of potential uses continues to expand, as well. One industry benefiting from mobile payment processing? Restaurants, food service, and other industries where employees rely on tips as part of their salary. […]

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3 Proven Ecommerce Tips to Increase Conversions, Average Order Value and More

People who don’t have direct experience with ecommerce assume that once someone put’s an item in their shopping cart, everything will be smooth sailing from there. Sadly, that’s not how things work. Close to 70 percent of online shopping carts get abandoned. There’s still a lot that needs to go right for someone with an item […]

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