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Which Major Credit Card is Embracing the Blockchain?

If you don’t know the differences between Bitcoin and the blockchain, be sure to read up on them – this new industry is changing online payment processing in a major way. Essentially, blockchain is a computer network that functions as a ledger system. This public ledger provides a way to keep perfect records of all […]

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How Does Same-Day Debit Processing Work?

As a business owner, the sooner you get paid for the products or services you provide, the better. Promptly getting paid for what you sell can help solve many of the cash flow issues that plague so many businesses. In the past, getting paid in a timely manner was quite challenging. Fortunately, several changes in […]

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Are PCI Compliance Requirements Different for Businesses with Multiple Locations?

PCI compliance requirements for businesses of all sizes is always growing. This topic is just as important for businesses that accept payments online as it for those that process through a brick and mortar location. Not only is keeping up with PCI compliance important for avoiding fines and protecting your ability to process payments, but it […]

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What Are Visa and Mastercard’s Limited Acceptance Programs?

Can businesses choose to accept only certain debit or credit card transactions? Surprisingly, yes! Both Visa and Mastercard have these programs available for business owners, called limited acceptance programs – but why would any business want to risk losing out on credit or debit revenue? There are a few reasons, actually, and we’re here to outline exactly […]

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Answers to Common Questions about Setting Up an Online Payment Portal

If your business has a brick and mortar location, you already know the importance of having the right type of payment terminal. Not only do you want a terminal that makes it easy to quickly and securely process payment, but you want to be sure that you’re working with the right processing company. Getting stuck […]

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How Will Instant Payments Affect Businesses?

As evidenced by the EMV liability shift, major changes within the payment processing industry take time. Even simple processes, like money transfers and payments, can take days to fully process. More and more consumer products like Venmo are popping up, providing a way for consumers to instantly transfer money to each other. Still, it’s standard for […]

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5 Ways to Start Reducing Procurement Costs

In addition to credit card processing fees, procurement is another area where businesses can realize big savings. Since procurement can be such a broad topic, many businesses are unsure where to start when it comes to reducing costs. If that describes you, keep reading and you’ll learn five actionable ways to get on the right […]

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How to Manage Omnichannel Sales

It wasn’t that long ago when the idea of buying something online was still very novel and even quite strange to many people. Fast forward to now and the internet has become a huge hub of commerce. On the other hand, some of the biggest online brands have recognized the value of having a strong offline presence, as […]

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5 Must-Know Tips for Marketing to Millennials

It’s no secret: millennials have more buying power than ever before, that’s why major corporations are putting so much emphasis on marketing to this demographic, including big players in the payment industry like Mastercard. According to the Wall Street Journal, millennials have an average of two credit cards. Nearly 60 percent of millennials in the United States would like […]

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How Do Cryptocurrency Refunds Work?

The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is exploding, with more people than ever investing in this virtual currency and others like it. But an often ignored topic of discussion includes cryptocurrency refunds, or the process of returning virtual funds when an online purchase is made. MasterCard recently filed a patent application about this issue, which shone a necessary […]

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