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Why Do Some EMV Transactions Require A Pin?

Despite the current adoption of EMV terminals, or the payment processing terminal for chip cards that helps prevent payment fraud, being lower than most analysts predicted, current estimates still project 90 percent adoption by the end of 2017 or first quarter of 2018. Due to the significant adoption of EMV terminals taking place across small […]

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Does Your Business Need a CRM Solution?

When a business is just getting off the ground, it’s generally in the best interest of the founders to focus all their energy on generating sales. This stage of a business tends to involve a lot of hard, manual work. But as a business starts to hit its stride, it makes sense to take a […]

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The Ins and Outs of Card Not Present Transactions

When talking about transactions, the terms card present and card not present don’t sound especially confusing. Prior to the rise of online transactions, mobile payments and other payment categories, these two labels were relatively easy to define. However, as the payment landscape continues to change, more merchants are finding themselves with questions about card not […]

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How To Make Gift Cards Work For Your Business

Are you interested in making your business grow this year? There are tons of ways to approach business growth, but we know a little trick not often used by retail businesses that could help give their revenue a little boost. We’re talking about gift cards! In the past, businesses that have wanted to use gift […]

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4 Major Business Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

It’s true – starting a business can be incredibly overwhelming. But once your business is off the ground, the work doesn’t get any easier. Managing and maintaining a growing business comes with its own set of unique challenges, and the more opportunities you have to grow, the more opportunities you have to make a serious […]

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Help Your Business Grow with These 5 Discount Pricing Tips

Discount pricing is a double-edged sword. When done correctly, it can drive revenue via sales that may have otherwise been lost. On the other hand, the wrong discounting strategy can unnecessarily cut into margin. Improper discounting also carries the risk of doing long-term brand damage. From Pizza Hut to JC Penney, there are lots of large companies […]

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How Can Businesses Measure and Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Choosing the right credit card processor is important when it comes to making sure you’re not overpaying for every transaction you have with a customer. If anything ever goes wrong, you can count on being able to get in touch with your readily available card processing company to solve the problem. In fact, support is one of […]

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What’s the Best eCommerce Platform of 2017?

eCommerce has been on a hot streak for the last few years and it’s projected to continue growing faster and faster. In addition to the rise of companies like Amazon, platforms for small and medium merchants have become quite powerful, as well. Instead of needing to deal with cumbersome software, aspiring or established merchants can get […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Staged Digital Wallet Fees

Visa recently announced they will start implementing a staged wallet fee, just a few years after Mastercard made the same announcement. Since these fees directly affect the interchange cost that small and medium merchants pay, we want to give you the full scoop. Here’s everything you need to know about these new wallet fees. Staged Digital […]

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5 Payment Processing Tech Trends That Help Make Life Easy

Whether you sell products through a traditional retail store, provide services online or run your business through multiple channels, being able to accept payments from customers is a must. In fact, the ease with which people are able to pay can directly impact your bottom line. Trying to make it as easy as possible for […]

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