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Today’s businesses are expected to take a variety of payment methods, including every major credit card available. As the industry considers the next wave of payment options, retailers are challenged to keep up without sacrificing customer service and security. Time-challenged business owners face a variety of challenges as they attempt to manage cash flow on a daily basis. Customer service must always come first and a business’s technology must ensure that happens. Today’s merchants are concerned about several major issues. Security The news has alerted both consumers and merchants that data breaches can happen, even at major retailers. While businesses are concerning themselves with ensuring their own equipment and employees meet the highest security standards, they must also entrust their processing to a provider that adheres to those standards. PCI compliance is essential in any company providing payment services today. Prior to signing a contract, a business should ensure all customer data will be safeguarded as it travels from the retailer to the processing company and associated banks. Chargebacks and Fraud Chargebacks are a serious problem for merchants today, with… Read more

As each new year begins, consumers and businesses are eager to hear about the top technologies expected to emerge in the coming months. 2015 promises to be an exciting year, with wearables, cloud technology and data science all promising to be an even bigger part of the business marketplace. While these technologies impact retail and ecommerce businesses, many are focused on how things will change in the way they interact with their customers. Payment processing is an important part of many businesses, with fast, reliable technology being essential to keeping customers happy. As businesses choose new providers or consider moving from an existing provider to another, there are some major upcoming technologies they should consider. EVP Capability The biggest feature in 2015 is EMV, which will become the required standard in October. If a business fails to switch to the new global standard by October, liability for fraud will switch from the credit card issuer to that business, so moving to the new standard is essential. New equipment will need to be installed, since cards will be dipped instead of… Read more

With rates starting at 0.38% and 19 cent transaction rates, Flagship offers some impressively low prices that should be attractive to most merchants. The company also promises free set-up, which gets you up and running without breaking your bank at the hands of expediency. In addition, with the application process being so quick and easy, it's no wonder why Flagship services so many merchants across various industries. This type of flexibility and dependability are what many people look for in a payment processor, making Flagship one of our premiere processing solutions here at Be sure to check out the video below for a full review of of the company's services and see if it is the right solution for your business needs. Read more

During the time a business is shopping for a credit card processing provider, that business is in a powerful position. Multiple vendors are often vying for a retailer’s business, giving the merchant the ability to negotiate. Once the contract is signed, it will be too late to get a better deal, especially if your business commits to a three-year contract. But for many merchants, knowing exactly which items can and cannot be negotiated can be tricky. Although not all items are up for negotiation, providers are often willing to lower prices on items and, in some cases, remove terms completely from the contract. Here are three things you should negotiate before you sign on the dotted line. Equipment Costs Whether you’re planning to buy or lease your processing equipment, this is one area that can be negotiated with the processing provider. If your business promises to bring in a high monthly transaction volume, throwing in a piece of equipment for free is a small investment that will give the provider a big return. Realizing the value of that small investment,… Read more

A business’s relationships with its vendors and providers are essential to successful operations. Business owners have enough to worry about without dealing with repeat calls to customer service and frustrating outages. When a merchant finds itself unable to get the service it wants from its payment processing provider, it may be time to make a change. Getting out of a relationship with a processing service can be complicated, though, especially if you’re tied to a long-term contract. Termination fees can be devastating, especially if you cancel early in your contract and fees are calculated based on the number of months remaining. Even if you aren’t under a binding contract, there are steps you should take before canceling your service. Review Your Contract You may think you know exactly what your contract with a payment service says, but it’s always helpful to read through the fine print, especially if you didn’t review it carefully before signing. Is it a long-term contract with hefty termination fees, determine the cost you’ll be forced to pay to get out of the contract before proceeding.… Read more